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Joining High Peak Conservative Association isn't all door knocking or envelope stuffing!  

We are a dynamic, fun and varied group of volunteers from all walks of life and the High Peak itself.  We believe that politics is for the people, and as such should be focused on the community.  We have a variety of events and socials across the High Peak from black tie dinners with high profile speakers to race nights with pie and mash to curry nights and pub quizzes!  Why not come along and see what we’re all about?! I can guarantee that you will be welcomed with open arms.

Becoming a member of High Peak Conservative Associations not only entitles you to all of our social events, but also vote in leadership elections, choosing councillors as well as running for council yourself! Ever thought of doing it? We’ll support you 100% of the way.

You can either join through following this link:

and positing it to

HPCA 1A, Hardwick Mount, Buxton, High Peak, SK17 6PP 

Or get in touch via email: or tel: 01298225221 and we will forward you the relevant forms with a free postal envelop enclosed for your convenience.