Statement regarding Mr Clive Johnson

Firstly, we would like to fully condemn and distance ourselves from the hateful and Islamophobic remarks reported to have been made by a Mr Clive Johnson, that have come to light over the weekend. Mr Clive Johnson has not been a member of the party for some time and his views are not welcome within the High Peak Conservative Association. 


Anti-Muslim hatred has no place in the Conservative Party and no place in a modern and tolerant Britain. As he is not a member of the party, we as an association are limited in the action we can take, but to reiterate that views like those Mr Clive Johnson is alleged to have expressed are unequivocally not welcome in the High Peak Conservative Association. If he were a member we would have conducted a thorough, yet responsive investigation and come to a decisive but just decision, in keeping with our commitment to fight and root out all racism from our local party.


We welcome any further evidence which will aid us in our continued fight against racism.