Newshaw Lane gets a spring clean thanks to Cllr. Foote

Following complaints from residents, Newshaw Lane Park has been given a spring clean thanks to Councillor Marie Foote and High Peak Council. 

Councillor Foote said "I started to receive complaints about the state of the park on Thursday and Friday so I went and looked at it myself over the weekend.

"There was an old bike and cylinders as well as a huge amount of rubbish which had collected around the sides of the football pitch.

"I contacted High Peak Borough Council first thing Monday morning and thanks to their efforts all the borders have been cleaned up and the bike and the cylinders disposed of.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to those people who use the football pitch to either put their rubbish in the bins provided or alternatively take it home with them and dispose of it properly so the area stays clean and safe for everyone."

Conservative Local Election Candidate Steve Foote, who is standing for Hadfield South ward along with his wife Marie, added:

"The area is a great amenity with the skate park and children’s play area, and we should all do our best to ensure that these places are left in as clean a state as when we first came."