EX HIGH PEAK LABOUR MP ON LABOUR SPLIT: Corbyn would be a disaster as PM

Tom Levitt, Labour’s Member of Parliament for the High Peak from 1997 until 2010, has hit social media to comment on the 7 MPs who have left the party to say he agrees with them “completely.” Tom blasted the current Labour leader saying that “Corbyn would be a disaster as a PM”. 


Mr Levitt also replied to his former Labour colleague David Lammy MP, to slam “Corbyn’s incompetent and blinkered leadership”. Mr Levitt, who was the High Peak’s MP for 13 years, also declared that he has donated and offered support to the 7 MPs who have left, what Luciana Berger called, the “institutionally anti-Semitic” Labour Party.


High Peak Conservative Candidate Robert Largan commented:


“Tom is only saying what is obvious to most people, Corbyn would be an absolute disaster for the country if he became Prime Minister.


“Remember, a vote for the Labour Party in the High Peak is a vote for Corbyn to become Prime Minister.”