Conservative Candidates make history in the High Peak

More High Peak voters than ever before will have the chance to vote Conservative in the upcoming local elections, as High Peak Conservative Association is fielding a record total of 42 candidates in the Borough Elections on 5th May.

This also breaks another record, as High Peak Conservatives are fielding the most candidates from any political party in the history of the Borough. There is a Conservative candidate standing in every ward other than Hayfield, which is currently held by an independent. 

Steve Foote, Chairman of High Peak Conservative Association said:

"We wanted to ensure that as much of the electorate as possible has the opportunity to vote Conservative at these local elections and continue with a well managed Council.

"We are all very proud of the Council's achievements over the last four years. Not only have we kept council tax rises to a minimum (0% this year), increased recycling and made significant economies, we have also pledged not to cut front line services and ensure there are no cuts to grants for the voluntary sector."

Jamie Douglas, Deputy Chairman of the Association added:

"I'm delighted that we are able to field so many candidates in these elections, and I think it reflects well on the health of the Conservative Party in the High Peak.

“We have a good record over the last 4 years of very competent management of High Peak Borough Council. This election is about local issues and who is best to run the local Council, and the last 4 years have proved that the Conservatives have the best team and policies to continue using residents' hard-earned council tax wisely."