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100 Club Draw

The HPCA 100 Club Draw for November took place last night (25th November) at Blackbrook, Combs and Whaley Bridge branch meeting and the winning numbers are: 1st prize 153, 2nd prize 66 and 3rd prize 67.

Glossopdale Coffee Club - November 2014

Jack Hanmer gave us a very entertaining talk, with musical accompaniment, about some of his favourite American composers.  He gave us a "potted" history of the USA, mentioning the Civil War, the Gold Rush, the abolition of slavery, the introduction of Income Tax, the Wright Brothers' first flight, the invention of the Morse Telegraph, the telephone and the electric phonograph which led to more people having access to music in their homes.

Life as a Churchwarden

Colin Boynton introduced the speaker at the October Coffee Club by reading one of his own poems entitled ‘True Friends’, which he said perfectly described Jean Luton, who was to speak about her life as a Churchwarden. Jean said that she was a Londoner, whose father was in the Royal Artillery and she had lived not far from where Lee Rigby was assassinated. She moved north to Grantham and then to Buxton, where she joined St John’s Church.

HPCA Portcullis Club Visit to the House of Commons

Twenty members of the HPCA Portcullis Club visited the House of Commons on Tuesday 28th October.  We were met by our MP, Andrew Bingham, who took us to Dining Room B where we had a superb 3 course lunch, accompanied by Mark Francois MP, Secretary of State for Defence with special responsibility for the Armed Forces.

Glossopdale Coffee Club

At the October meeting of the Glossopdale Coffee Club, Brendan Witteram, the Conservative Manager for Moorland Restoration, gave a most interesting talk about the 'Regeneration of the Moorland' and the work which has been carried out over the last 5 years.The geographical position of the Moors, with its surrounding centres of population, makes it the most visited area in the world, but that, together with the light pollution from the nearby cities, puts many pressures on the delicate eco system of the moors.  It is a special, protected area because of its bio diversity, its birdlife and particularly, its precious bog.

100 Club Draw

The 100 Club Draw for October took place at the Glossopdale Coffee Club on Friday 10th October and the winning numbers were: 91, 33 and 86

Day Out to Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight lived up to its name on Saturday 4th October, when we travelled to the Wirral, leaving behind the heavy rain and dark clouds, and were able to appreciate the model village in warm sunshine.On the journey, John Jones, who lived in the village as a child, told us about his family's connection with Port Sunlight over several generations and also about the history of Port Sunlight and how it came to be created.

Buxton Coffee Club

Hats were very much in evidence on Friday 26th at the Old Hall as the first speaker of the new season at the Buxton Coffee Club was Bill Weston MBE.  Bill charted his life through the different hats he has worn - from babyhood, when he was the youngest of 5 children and acknowledged his admiration for mothers, through the other stages of boyhood when he was being looked after by adults - at school and in the Cubs.  As a Cub, he got his first taste of "being on show", when the Carnival included a huge figure of 'Spud the Terrier' and the smallest Cub (Bill) was required to lead the dog through the streets.

Afternoon Tea in New Mills

As part of New Mills Festival, New Mills Volunteer Centre was the venue on Sunday 21st September for a "Tea Tasting" event.  James Pogson of Northern Tea Merchants, Chesterfield spoke about the different blends of tea and where they are grown.  Tea picking cannot be mechanised as only the smallest shoots are used in the making of our favourite brew and, therefore, the best tea pickers are highly regarded in their locality.

100 Club Draw

The 100 Club Draw for September took place on 10th September and the winning numbers were: 4, 41 and 120.