Local News

Statement regarding Mr Clive Johnson

Firstly, we would like to fully condemn and distance ourselves from the hateful and Islamophobic remarks reported to have been made by a Mr Clive Johnson, that have come to light over the weekend.

Great work from our Chapel en-le Frith Councillors!

We like to think our Councillors brought Chapel Town Reserves luck today as the score was 10 - 1 against The Railway. To play a good game you need a clean kit so Cllrs Jim Perkins, Kath Sizeland and Stewart Young bought two washing machines with their Councillor Initiative Fund.

EX HIGH PEAK LABOUR MP ON LABOUR SPLIT: Corbyn would be a disaster as PM

Tom Levitt, Labour’s Member of Parliament for the High Peak from 1997 until 2010, has hit social media to comment on the 7 MPs who have left the party to say he agrees with them “completely.” Tom blasted the current Labour leader saying that “Corbyn would be a disaster as a PM”. 


Portcullis Lunch at Biggin Hall

The Portcullis Club held a luncheon at Biggin Hall on Friday 9th November 2018 and we are delighted to report it was a resounding success!

High Peak Conservatives welcome former Lib Dem Candidate

Charles Lawley, the 2017 Liberal Democrat General Election candidate for the High Peak and Derbyshire County Council candidate for Chapel & Hope Valley has announced that he has joined the Conservative Party.