Buxton Conservatives stand up for residents' housing concerns

How many houses there should be in Buxton over the next 16 years, and where they are to be built, was discussed at a Councillors’ workshop on Thursday last week.

However, not one of the seven Buxton Labour councillors turned up to represent their residents at the latest consultation.

It was left to Conservatives Tony Kemp and Emily Thrane together with two Independents to put the case for a significant reduction in the numbers proposed and for a specific local plan to be developed in accordance with the views of the Buxton community, in particular in Harpur Hill.

Labour leader Caitlin Bisknell tweeted at 12.02 am on Friday that she was on her way to a Local Government Association Labour Group Finance “summit” – presumably more important to her Parliamentary ambitions than the future of Fairfield and its residents.

Even more extraordinary was the absence of Keith Savage and Lynn Stone, the representatives of Harpur Hill where the proposals recently out for consultation show the majority of new houses to be built.

Fiona Sloman and Rachel Quinn had said they would attend but didn’t show, nothing is known about the whereabouts of Chris Payne, only Jean Todd had enough manners to send an apology.

Do these absent Labour councillors not want to know what their residents think? Don’t they wish to listen to the views of their colleague councillors? Perhaps they have made up their minds already? Questions will be asked at the next Council meeting on Wednesday 12 December (starting at 7.15 pm in the Pavilion Gardens) where some of the key decisions will be taken. Local residents may wish to ask their representatives to account for themselves before then.