Andrew Bingham MP urges people to complete survey about future of Corbar Birth Centre

High Peak Conservative MP Andrew Bingham has placed a recent survey sent to him by Derbyshire County NHS regarding the future of Corbar Birth Centre on his website.

Andrew said, “I have written back to David Sharp regarding the survey to seek clarification on the process. I was told by him and the Chairman, Mark Todd that the first stage was an engagement with key stakeholders to decide on the way the subsequent consultation would work.

"Whilst I welcome this survey and will be responding, following a request from me, they have said it is in order for me to publish it so that members of the public can comment. This is good in that people can have their say early, but I have asked for reassurance that this is in no way an attempt to downgrade the subsequent public consultation!

"I would urge as many people as possible to go to my website, download the survey, fill it out and send it in. There are over 1300 people on the Facebook page supporting Corbar, if all filled it in then we would have a great start.